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About personal data

Here at Recker Group AB, your privacy is important to us; we take seriously our responsibility to handle and process your data in a safe and secure manner. We comply with all laws and regulations that apply to personal data protection. This policy will help you, among other things, understand what kind of information we collect and how that information is used. You are always welcome to contact us with your questions or concerns about how we handle your personal data. Recker Group AB, 556780-4025, Box 152, 178 22 EKERÖ, Sweden is the personal data controller for the processing of your personal data. If you would like to contact Recker Group AB, you will find contact information on the website.

What personal data do we process?

Personal data gets processed slightly differently depending on a few conditions: whether you are an unregistered customer browsing our site and shopping; if you have created an account and are thus a member of the site; or if you have signed up to receive information from us via our newsletter. In the sections below you can read about the applications for each category.

Information about you as a customer

In order to manage your orders and purchases, we need to process these details about you:

  •        Name
  •        Address, telephone number, and email
  •        Personal number (for some payment options)
  •        Payment information and payment history
  •        Information about your order (e.g., order number, products ordered, delivery address, invoices, etc.)

This data is processed and collected with the legal basis for fulfilling the purchase agreement; without this information, we cannot fulfil our agreement with you. The information is saved for 36 months from the time that delivery and payment have been made; this data is maintained for this duration in order to assist you with any possible claims and warranty cases.


In order for us to follow the laws and regulations that apply to us, we must process the following information about you:

  •        Name
  •        Address
  •        Payment information and payment history
  •        Information about your order (e.g., order number, products ordered, delivery address, invoices, etc.) 

We do this on the legal basis of legal obligation, which means that we have to process this data in order to comply with the laws and regulations to which we are subject. One example is the Book-keeping Act (bokföringslagen), which entails that we save this information with restricted access for seven (7) years + the current year.


In order for us to be able to provide you with customer service, we need to process the following details about you:

  •        Name
  •        Telephone number and email
  •        Personal number (for some payment options)
  •        Payment information and payment history
  •        Information about your order (e.g., order number, products ordered, delivery address, invoices, etc.)
  •        Information that you have disclosed yourself in your communications with us

We do this with the legal basis that the processing of this data is necessary to satisfy our and your legitimate interest in being able to answer questions that you may pose to use and to our customer service. We save this information for 36 months in order to effectively address customer service issues as well as to handle any warranty claims.


In order to provide marketing materials to you so that we can show you our products and offers, both on our website and through our partners, we process the following information about you:

  •        IP address
  •        Data collected from cookies and the like, such as information regarding what products you have clicked on and which pages you have visited
  •        Order number

This information is processed on the legal basis that it is necessary to satisfy our legitimate interest in marketing our products to you up for up to one year after your latest activity on our site. To facilitate this basis, we use various external advertising services and partners. You can read more about the collection, sharing, usage, and deletion of this data along with how the data is handled in these channels by following the links below:




In order to receive our newsletter, get different offers, participate in customer surveys, provide feedback, or ask questions in our customer forum, we need to process the following details about you:

  •        Name
  •        Address, telephone number, and email address
  •        Information you have provided yourself (e.g., your written/disclosed opinions, feedback, etc.)

We only process this data when we have received your consent regarding the information you provided to us. The storage time of this data may vary depending on the situation, but this is always specified in the consent that you give at that time; your consent can be revoked at any time by you as a registered user.


Who can we share your information with?

We sometimes share information, including personal data, with some recipients in order to perform the processing and handling of data described above. In some cases, when third-party vendors and/or partners process data on our behalf or as otherwise required by law, we establish personal data assistant agreements to ensure that these parties also process your personal data according to all relevant laws and regulations. We never sell your information to any other party without your permission. Parties that we may share your information with include:

Service providers

In order to fulfil the purposes when it comes to processing your personal data, we may share your personal information with companies that provide certain services to us. These services include the handling of mail and delivery of your goods, or companies that provide certain systems that we may use. These companies may only process your personal information in accordance with our express instructions and may not use your information for anything other than these purposes.

Payment service providers

In order to administer payments on our site, we use various payment service providers. Each payment service provider is the personal data controller for their own processing of your personal data; each one has separate terms and conditions that apply to them. You will receive information about the terms of the processing of personal data when you choose which payment method you want to use on the site.

Corporate Partners

In order for us to be able to compensate our partners for web traffic that has come to us through their channels, we share certain information with our corporate partners such as order number and the purchase price. The information is shared solely for that purpose, and is not further shared or sold to other parties for other purposes.

Other recipients

We may transfer your personal data to other recipients such as legal authorities if we are required to do so by law. If all or part of our business is sold to and/or integrated with another entity or business, your personal information may be disclosed to our advisors, to any possible buyer, to that buyer’s advisors, and may be passed on to the new owners of the business.

Your rights

You have the right to know which personal data about you we have and use through what is known as a data registry. If you want a complete record of the data we have about you, please contact our customer service and they will assist you.

We strive to ensure that your personal information is correct and up to date; you have the right to modify incorrect information about you. If any of the information you have provided to us changes, such as your email address, your name, or your payment details, please contact customer service for assistance. If you want to cancel your account, you can also contact customer service for help doing so.

In order for you to receive information about how we process personal data, we have opted to provide information regarding the collection of personal data, in addition to the information in this privacy policy. This information includes what information we process, the legal basis for that processing, and the duration for which the data will be processed. In addition, updated information concerning the processing of personal data is always published on our website.

On occasions where we have processed your personal data on the basis of your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent regarding the processing at any time. You also have the right to prevent certain processing of data, such as processes related to direct marketing and newsletter mailings. In certain circumstances, you also have the right to have your personal data deleted or blocked. These rights do not apply, however, in instances where we are required by law to preserve or otherwise manage your data, if the information is needed for us to be able to fulfil an agreement with you, or for other similar legal/contractual circumstances.


If you have any questions about how we handle your personal data, you are always welcome to contact our customer service. If you are not satisfied with the response you received from us or how we handle your information, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority.


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